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Fountain of Youth Bathrooms has a wide variety of tub and shower choices to renovate your bathroom into an oasis. Whether you choose a bathtub, shower, tub-shower combination or a stimulating whirlpool we will offer an extensive range of possibilities.

Why Foybs

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Why have a FOYBS Walk-in Tub in your bathroom

As an added bonus our walk-in tubs can also be equipped with a whirlpool massage system allowing you the luxury of a spa experience from your home, waves of warm soothing water transforming your walk-in tub into your own personal spa.

In our tubs, water is always warm, no matter how long you choose to indulge, the addition of an in-line heater will always keep that soothing temperature.

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What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the act of treating diseases and aliments by full body immersion into pools of healing water. Our tubs have been proven to increase blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and help heal injured tissue. If you suffer from arthritis and rheumatism pain, our tubs can help you to control the pain and increase your body’s natural defenses against these debilitating diseases.


Why take another boring bath, when you can incorporate one of our carefully blended, nature-inspired fragrances into your bath with our aromatherapy system.

Our Aromatherapy system turns your bath into an enjoyable experience by infusing the water with your a warm, massaging and  invigorating scent for a thoroughly enjoyable in-home bathing spa experience.

The system automatically distributes your fragrance of choice into the water as the hydrotherapy jets soothe aches and pains away. Aromatherapy has been proven to have beneficial effects on your mood. Melt you stress away by turning your bathing ritual into a luxurious spa experience.


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