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Fountain of Youth creates and produces the highest quality and affordable walk in tubs for Seniors, Elderly and Handicapped.

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Fountain of Youth Bathrooms has been known for the safety and comfort of our tubs, but our walk-in tubs also come with the additional health benefits of hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy is the act of treating diseases and aliments by full body immersion into pools of healing water


Our walk-in bath tubs and showers are designed thinking about you, making your bathing experience safe and as comfortable as possible.

We have made getting in and out of a tub even easier! Our seats are not only comfortable but are at a higher level.



Our major concern is the safety of seniors, elderly and handicapped customers who rely on our safety features on our walk in tubs.

We have added a handle bar to be able to enter and exit safely from our tubs. A non slip surface makes it simple and safe to move in or out of our tub.


It is not just bathing it is an experience! Why take another boring bath,when you can incorporate one of our carefully blended, nature-inspired fragrances into your bath with our aromatherapy system.

Our Aromatherapy system turns your bath into an enjoyable experience by infusing your warm, massaging bath water with a calming or invigorating scent for a thoroughly enjoyable in-home bathing spa experience.


Our Walk In Bathtub will improve your quality of

life if you or a loved one suffers from:

Joint Pain

Nerve Pain
Circulatory Disease
High Blood Pressure